Our Values

Company Name

We are Honest, Open and Trustworthy;                                 

We say what we do and we do what we say


All of our business activities and our Relationships with our Business Partners are defined by the P.R.I.C.E.
P  :  Perseverance & Persistent
R  :  Reverence & Recognition
I   :  Integrity & Learning
C  :  Commitment & Care (Customer Centricity)
E  :  Ethics (Business) & Ethos
P  :  Perseverance & Persistent :
We communicate clearly with our customers, through e-mails.
We maintain transparency in all Information, even in difficult times.
We communicate effectively with correct and honest interpretation of the current situation.
R  :  Reverence & Recognition :
We respect our every Customer / Business Partner and each employee.
Customer confidentiality is always upheld.
It is always our Good Practice to tell Customers at the beginning of the contact / Relation with them,
that we shall protect the Transaction details / information between us and the customers.
We shall not share the details / Information about the customers, to the people who do not need to know.
We recognize the importance of our customers and accordingly, we shall be responsible to their changing needs.
I   :  Integrity & Learning :
We strictly follow ALCOA + principles with respect to Data Integrity, and hence, Quality is embedded default on every action executed.

ALCOA is defined by US FDA Guidance as,
Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original and Accurate.
These simple Principles are part of our Data Life Cycle & Data Integrity Initiatives, & GDP (Good Documentation Practice).
C  :  Commitment & Care (Customer Centricity) :
We are trying our maximum efforts to build a Culture that focuses on Customer Needs & Care.
To achieve this, we observe following Six Steps/ Actions.
  • Operationalize Customer Empathy.
Customer Empathy is the ability to identify a customer’s emotional need, understand the reasons behind that need, and respond to it effectively and appropriately.
  • Hire for Customers Orientation.
During first day of the employee, we emphasize that customers and their needs, should be first priority.
  • Democratize customer Insights.
To adopt a customer – centric mindset, every employee understands the organization’s customers & their timely needs.
Our company leaders give an update on the company’s customer experience to all employees.
  • Facilitate Direct Interaction with Customers.
The company allows employees to interact with customers directly, as every employee Impacts the customer experience in some way, so every employee can benefit from interacting with customers to better understand them, their successes and challenges.
  • Link Employee Culture to Customer Outcomes.
“You can’t manage, which you don’t measure” – applies to Customer centricity.
Our company ensures Managers / Employees to establish and track the link between Culture and Customer Impact.
  • Tie Compensation to the Customers.
Our company tries to reinforce a customer – centric culture through the compensation programme to every employee, so that everyone is working towards the same goals.


E  :  Ethics (Business) & Ethos :
Our behaviour is Honest, Competent, Ethical and complies with currently applicable Laws & Regulations, at Home & Abroad.
  • We treat our employees well, and show high level of respect to all, and keep our promises to them.
  • We are 100 % Honest & Sincere in all Business dealings.
We pay all Suppliers / Service Providers, the amount agreed upon, and On – Time.
We are 100 % fair with all customers, do not over – charge and do not inflate the Quality of product and services.
  • We are socially responsible.
We do not pollute, but recycle when possible.
We give back to the community through worthy causes.
  • We back up our product and services.
We provide what we promise in our Service / Sales Contracts and in our Advertising.
  • The Ethos of our company is it’s core set of Values / Operating Principles, which are used to set the tone of the company’s overall operations.
These are ;
  • Complete Dedication
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Conduct & Behaviour