E-polylysine in India

Pioneered in Japan (in Late 1980s), Available in US & Korea (Since 2004),

Now, Available in India, “Only” from “BIMAL PHARMA”


E-polylysine is a homopolymer of the Human essential Amino Acid, L-Lysine, which is linked by Peptide Bonds, formed by the α-carboxyl group of L-Lysine, & e-Amino group of another L-Lysine into the structural formula.
It is a highly effective Bio (biological) Preservative, synthesized by streptomyces in the Liquid aerobic Fermentation.
First produced in 1977 in Japan.
Approved as a Bio Preservative in Food, In late1980s, in Japan (Ministry of Health & Labour Welfare).
United States certified it as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) in January, 2004.
It is Light Yellow powder & slightly bitter taste.


Key Benefits  of E- Polylysine 
Natural Bio – Preservative, product of Bacterial Fermentation.
Broad Powerful Antibacterial Spectrum works against Gram- positive and Gram –  negative Bacteria, Yeast & Moulds, Viruses and many other Micro-Organisms.
GRAS for most food applications & Minimal effect on Taste and Odour.
Excellent Synergistic Effect : (Strong Blends) As a Natural preservative, e-Polylysine can be used alone. In addition, it has good synergistic effects when blending with other    food additives (NISIN, Natamycin, Vinegar, Alcohol, Glycine, Organic Acid, EDTA, Monoglycerides etc.). After blending, its bactericidal action will be greatly improved. (opportunities for cost averaging)
Excellent Thermal Stability (Heat / Cold Stability) under high temperature (121˚C for 30min), e-polylysine does not decompose, so it is suitable for cooked food.
Works well in Wide pH Range : Under the condition of pH 2-9, e-polylysine has strong bactericidal ability, it can make up for the deficiencies that other Preservatives have low activity in Neutral and Alkaline conditions.
Long track record of product use and safety. (more than 20 years in Japan and Korea)
High safety: the Acute Toxicity Test of e-Polylysine (LD50) is 5 gm / kg which is equivalent      to the Toxicity of salt. After eating, it can be broken down into L-lysine, one of the essential Amino Acids for human health and can be absorbed by the human body, without any Toxic and Side Effects.
Good water-solubility: e-polylysine is easily soluble in water, the maximum solubility is 500 gms /  at least.
Health Care Function : Studies have shown that e-polylysine can effectively inhibit enzyme activity and fat  absorption which in turn reduce the Obesity.